Roof Coating Systems

Roof Coating Systems

We have been installing roof-coating systems since we began operating. We offer a range of systems to suit both your budget and specific roofing needs. There are conventional systems available if you are looking to freshen up the appearance of a tiled or colorbond roof. There are also specific systems utilising infracool technology that can reflect radiation, lessen heat, reduce cooling costs, improve occupancy comfort and lower our carbon footprint in warmer climates.

We offer environmentally friendly solutions through contamination containment and complete asbestos encapsulation or removal.

Entire Group Australia also offers commercial and industrial roof-coating systems. Weathered Galv/Zincalume and dark coloured roofs often absorb large amounts of solar radiation, which can in turn transmit heat into occupancy zones. The cool roof technology will reflect light energy in the first instance – before heat is absorbed, meaning insulation & cooling efficiencies are maximised.

Comparative studies have identified significant cooling energy savings are possible using cool roof technology.
•    Residential
•    Commercial
•    Industrial
•    Shopping centres

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