Concrete Repair & Injection Systems

Concrete Repair / Injection Systems

Spalling concrete or concrete cancer as it is commonly referred, is the result of corrosion of the steel reinforcing in concrete. The corrosion process derives from a number of conditions that exit in structures due to anticipated cracks and substrate weathering allowing oxygenated water ingress to occur; the main processes are called carbonation or chloride iron attack were the alkaline protection around the steel reinforcing diminishes. Steel expands through the corrosion process, weakening and causing the concrete to breakaway. As the concrete breaks
away, it exposes more of the reinforcing bars to the elements therefore accelerating the deterioration process. Traditional and innovative repair methods and materials are used for the protection that is required to help prevent further deterioration of your building structure, expansive knowledge and years of experience in concrete refurbishment and protection exists in our field of trades personal and senior management. Client satisfaction is our first priority through delivering the
best suitable remedial scope of works and economical solution to protect your structure for the future, our capabilities and servers extend to include.
•    Assessment and solution advice
•    Breakout and replacement
•    Specialised crack injection systems
•    Advance carbon fibre strengthening systems
•    Specialised protective and industrial coating systems
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